Spiritual Growth Fellowship

"Bringing together people of all faiths in trust and friendship, to worship and communicate, without fear or prejudice"


"Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a Spirit is manifest in the Laws of the Universe."                                   

  Albert Einstein

"The act of any individual or group practicing a different belief,faith or religion, without an attempt to force that belief upon others, discriminate, or attempt harm to those who do not share that belief,  does not diminish me or my faith."

Charles E. Million

Welcome to the Spiritual Growth Fellowship, an interfaith church. Our doors are open to  ALL people who identify themselves as spiritual and who live on this earth with a "Do No Harm" belief, attitude, and credo.

Christian in our foundations, we honor and acknowledge other faiths.  We attempt to include all, and have ministers and members from different religions.

The goal of the Spiritual Growth Fellowship is to bring together people in trust and friendship, and to be a connecting point for like minded individuals. We do not "homogenize" the differences in religious beliefs, but attempt to allow individuals to worship as they have been taught.

For additional information about "interfaith denominations" see the navigation tab, "Interfaith Denominations."

The Spiritual Growth Fellowship was founded in 1994. One of our founding principles  is that money should not stand in the way of people being able to, meet,  grow and connect. We provide "open air" or "mobile" church services
(held in facilities that are not owned by SGF and may be held in different locations on different dates,)  in areas where our congregations are located.

Because we believe that everyone has the right to their own different and unique religious and spiritual beliefs (as long as they do not hurt others,) our mission is to help facilitate communication between members of all religions, and to help educate the general public about the many different religious beliefs and practices.

Additionally we offer pastoral services in counseling, weddings, commitment ceremonies, house blessings, studies, funeral and memorial rites and much more.

All of SGF ministers are ordained. Many hold ordinations from multiple church denominations. We offer our services to people regardless of faith or sexual orientation to whomever is in need.

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