Spiritual Growth Fellowship

"Bringing together people of all faiths in trust and friendship, to worship and communicate, without fear or prejudice"

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If you would like additional information about the Spiritual Growth Fellowship, it's tenets, services, ministers, location of congregations etc., contact :
The Most Reverend Doctor Charles E. Million, D.D., D.M., P.D.M., R.Hy.  T.Th
Founder and Metropolitan

Spiritual Growth Fellowship - Sovereign Order of Saint Raphael

Phone: 314-965-5648 Toll Free: 888-521-8146 Fax: 314-984-0828

Email: maxmillion@caress.com

 Ministry for the People / Ministry for Ministers

Reverend Million has received ordination from multiple Christian and Interfaith denominations. 

Reverend Million is the retired Archbishop for the Holy Order of Saint Raphael Interfaith in the Archdiocese of Saint Gabriel, which includes 19 US states including Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Kansas,, Michigan,  Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas,  and Wisconsin.

The Holy Order of Saint Raphael Interfaith  is an Apostolic Catholic order, in an Ecumenical  Interfaith Church,.  Christian in our foundations , the Order of Saint Raphael canons  honor, respect  and learn from the texts and life lessons of other forms of worship, faiths  and paths to God that are aimed towards enlightenment. We believe that one day all our brothers and sisters, made by and in the image of God, will unite again as one for the salvation of humankind. Together we will give honor to God as the messengers have instructed and God has commanded.

The Sovereign Order of Saint Raphael is an independent holy order founded after a change in the name and doctrines of the Holy Order of Saint Raphael Interfaith. SOSR was founded to continue the original path set out by HOSRI.

Reverend Million is the International Moderator  for the United Fellowship of Interfaith Ministers, an international association of churches and ministers from many religions, denominations and ministers.

Reverend Million was formerly Bishop for Missouri of the 110 ministers of the Church of Seven Planes, an interfaith ministry. .

For additional information about the church of Seven Planes please watch the video found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N7RDDE7PdM

Other ordained ministers  within the  Spiritual Growth Fellowship include:

          Reverend Jerome M. Spector                     Reverend Beth Grace Risner

    Reverend Cynthia Ludwig                           Reverend Nadine Hutson

                 Reverend Desiree Runnels Friedrich            Reverend Patrick Trotier             

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